Niles And Gunar Fence

An Affair To Forget
Niles Thinks Maris Is Cheating On Him With Her German Fencing instructer

Season: 2 Episode: 21
Total Episode Count: 45
First Aired: May 9, 1995

Guest Starring: Brian Cousins (Gunar), Irene Ogla Lopez (Marta)
Featuring: Frasier Crane, Niles Crane, Martin Crane, Eddie Crane, Daphne Moon and Roz Doyle
Also Appearing: Gunar, Marta, Maris (Unseen), Gretchen (Caller, Unseen)

Director: Philip Charles MacKenzie
Writers: Chuck Ranberg & Anne Flett-Giordano

}}Plot: Act 1:

Frasier gets a call on the show from a german woman called Gretchen who thinks her german fencing instructer with his welthy new student.

Act 2:

Martin and Niles sit at home building a model boat when Frasier walks in. Nile's tells them Maris is very intrested and is persaviring with her new hobby fencing with her German fencing instructor. Frasier starts to grow suspisious. He tells Martin but he tells him there may be alot of german fencing instructers in Seattle all with wealthy students.

Bavarians at the gate:

The next day Frasier has Gretchen on the show and she says she's got more evidence of her husbands affair. A love letter in german but one line translates to 'Not Quite Human Woman'. Frasier is upset for Niles, almost cetain Maris is having an affair. After the show Roz figures out that its Maris whos having the affair.

If Your Wondering, Its A Sensory Deprivation Tank:

Frasier goes to Nile's house and Niles's house keeper, Nadia, Tells Frasier in spanish 'Mrs Crane is in the box' (Sensory deprevation tank) when Nadia leaves. Frasier confronts 'Maris' but when she does not respond he opens the tank and finds that its Nile's in there and he knows about Maris 'affair'.

Act 5:

Frasier tells Martin at home. Nile's arrives at the apartment and bursts into tears saying shes his whole life. Frasier goes on about how he should talk to Maris but as soon as Frasier's out of the room Martin tells Niles to go and confront the instructer. Nile's goes but Frasier chases after him but Niles is already gone.

Get Out Your Dictionaries:

In Niless' house he confronts the fencing instructer Gunar, but does not know how to speak German. Frasier arrives with Nadia and Nadia speaks the German for Niless' but it ends up with the two of them fencing. Nile's loses his sword and is lying on the floor with a sword to his throat. It was misstranslated so he thought Niles said he stole his shoes but Nadia re-translates that he meant wife. Gunar admits that he is inlove with Maris but she refused him because she loves Niles. Niles fires Gunar and runs upstairs to Maris. Frasier asks what he'll do about Gunars wife Gretchen and Nadia translates to Gunar that Gretchen loves Frasier and Gunar and Frasier start fencing.


Nile's visits Maris in her Sensory Deprivation Tank and gives her roses and wine.

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