Frasier: Well there's not any easy way to tell. [If Gretchen's husband is having an affair]

Roz: Oh yes there is.

Frasier: Well, Gretchen, you're in luck! We have here in our studio today, one of the worlds five leading Bunson (Affair) Experts!

Frasier: You see, its not that easy! I know this woman! She does not deal with confrontation very well! I once questioned the political correctnous of her serving veal!(?) An hour later, we found her locked in the garage with the engine running on her golf cut!(caddy?)

Roz: Wow! Its Maris!

Daphne?: Did I ever mention that one of my ancestors was a mutineer on the 'HMS Bounty'?

Martin: No kidding!

Daphne: Well, from what we could gather, he made it safely to Pitcairn Island, where it was quite fruitful and multiplied! You know, for all I know, there's some girl who looks exactly like me, running around the south seas, frolocking in the surf all tanned, skinned, and bare-breasted...

(Niles snaps a stick)

Niles: (Nervous)...So you want to built a two masted schooner!

Gretchen: (On the show) I'm not sure there's a traslation for it. The closest is 'Not Quite Human Woman'.

Daphne: [about the model boat Niles and Martin are building] Schooner? I thought it was a frigate.

Niles: No, a frigate was a forein halved mainsail.(?)

Daphne: No, no, That a brigatier.(?)

Niles: Oh, you're right. Then whats a frigate?

Martin: Its when you just don't give a damn anymore!

Frasier: Oh, thats all we need, Niles and Fourth language!

Niles: [To Gunar] You would not know about any of that would you?


Niles: You would not know the meaning of the word rectitude!

Frasier: Niles, he would not know the meaning of the word dog, cat or pencil - HE DOES NOT SPEAK ANY ENGLISH, remember?!

Frasier: Apparently, she worked for an German family in Guatemala... just after the war...

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