Daphne-Niles Relationship
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General Information
Shipped Characters Daphne Moon and Niles Crane
Length of Relationship 1993-Present
Status Married
Rivals Roz-Niles Relationship

Frasier-Daphne Relationship

 The Daphne-Niles Relationship is the romantic relationship between Niles Crane and Daphne Moon. This pairing is the most supported by Frasier fans because of the way Niles viewed Daphne. Niles has always admired Daphne since they first met but it was not until Frasier accidentally spilled the beans unknowingly. They are now married and have 1 child.


  • Niles was in love with Daphne ever since he first met her
  • Niles always was in deep denial when Frasier talked to him about Daphne until he finally confessed
  • Niles was desperate to see Daphne's room
  • Frasier was suspicious when Daphne and Niles came from down the hall together.
  • Niles was impressed with Daphne's 'physic visions' and lied when she got it wrong and could not bear to let her down
  • When Frasier told Daphne that Niles is crazy about him, Daphne was shocked.
  • Daphne smiled when Mel described all the things she loved about Niles.
  • Daphne called off her wedding with Donnie to be with Niles
  • Daphne told Niles that she wanted to marry him right away.
  • Daphne and Niles had Three weddings. First one for them, the next in front of the family and the last one was in front of Daphne's mother
  • Daphne was nervous when Niles had heart surgery
  • Daphne and Niles had a baby