Dinner At Eight
Martin takes Frasier and Niles to his favourite steak restaurant
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date September 30, 1993
Written by Chuck Ranberg & Anne Flett-Giordano
Directed by James Burrows
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"Dinner at Eight" is the third episode from the first season of American sitcom Frasier. Frasier and his brother Niles decide to treat Martin to a fancy restaurant called Le Cigare Volant in an attempt to improve his sense of style, but soon learn some unpleasant truths about themselves. This is the first episode in which the characters of Niles Crane and Daphne Moon meet.


Shh! They're HereEdit

The episode begins with Frasier's show, a lady calls asking for help about her annoying in-laws when suddenly they arrive home and put her and Frasier in a ridiculous position.

How Many Sharks Died...?Edit

Niles visits Frasier's apartment, leading to Niles' first encounter with Daphne Moon. The brothers discuss their significant differences of taste from their father, and decide to treat their father to a fancy French restaurant called Le Cigare Volant in an attempt to improve his sense of style.

Honey, Don'tEdit

At the Station, Roz tells Frasier she met a strange guy who has fear of honey.

Dinner At EightEdit

Unfortunately, the restaurant loses their reservation, and the three characters visit a steakhouse at Martin's suggestion.


The wait staff immediately cuts Frasier's and Niles' ties upon their arrival, claiming a reversed "dress code." Frasier and Niles complain continuously about the style of food, and Martin grows so frustrated that he leaves. In an attempt to show respect for their father, Frasier and Niles spend the rest of the night trying to finish their meals


Frasier and Niles keep eating their steaks after the Timber begins closing.