The Crane household meet in Café Nervosa just before Frasier's fight.

I Hate Frasier Crane
Frasier finds himself involved in a street fight after calling out a newspaper writer who wrote a not-so-flattering article about Frasier.

Season: 1 Episode: 4
Total Episode Count: 24
First Aired: October 7, 1993

Guest Starring: Joe Mantegna (Derek Mann), Judith Ivey (Lorraine)
Featuring: Frasier Crane, Niles Crane, Martin Crane, Eddie Crane, Daphne Moon and Roz Doyle
Also Appearing: Derek Mann (Caller, Unseen), Lorraine (Caller, Unseen)

Director: David Lee
Writers: Christopher Lloyd

}}Plot: I Hate Frasier Crane

At dinner, Niles mentions how Derek Mann , a columnist, stated "I hate Frasier Crane" in the day's paper.


Derek Mann calls into the show, challenging Frasier to a fist fight, and Frasier accepts upon pressure from other callers

Et Tu, Eddie?

Martin commends Frasier for accepting a physical fight, but Frasier, surprised, explains that he has no intention of keeping this promise. Martin is indignant, and brings up a similar situation in Frasier's childhood where he refused to make good on his promise to face a bully.

Requiem For A LightWeight

On the day of the challenge, Frasier and the rest of the family gather at Cafe Nervosa , with intentions of facing Derek Mann. However, when Frasier leave the cafe to face Mann, the police arrive to break up the fight (along with the curious crowd that has gathered). Martin thanks the police officer, revealing that he had called in a favor to protect his son


Eddie keeps staring at Frasier's picture

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