Frasier: [Eddie stares at him] Must he stare at me all day?

Martin: I don't know, I'll ask him. Eddie, must you?

[Eddie keeps staring]

Martin: Apparently, he must.

Roz: Dr. Crane, on line 1, we have Stewart who's having a problem with delayed gratification.

Frasier: Well, he's just going to have to wait!

Daphne: [having a psychic flash about woman in Martin's case] She had a lot of men in her life, didn't she?

Martin: No kidding. She was a hooker.

[Daphne has a psychic flash when she picks up photos from Martin's unsolved murder]

Daphne: I see a man.

Martin: Yeah?

Daphne: A well-dressed man. He's wearing wing tips and a trench coat.

Martin: Yeah? Yeah?

Daphne: He's getting off an elevator... he's walking down a long hallway... she doesn't know he's coming... he's opening the door...

[Frasier enters wearing wing tips and a trench coat]

Frasier: Hello, everyone.

Daphne: Sometimes I get my signals crossed.

Frasier: What's going on?

Martin: Well, unless you killed a hooker when you were twelve, nothing much.

Frasier: As some of you may know, yesterday I was mentioned in Derek Mann's "Mann About Town" column. He said, and I quote, "I Hate Frasier Crane"..."I Hate Frasier Crane". What trenchant criticism. Move aside Voltaire, step back in the shadows H.L. Mencken, there's a new kid in town. One can only wonder how many hours Derek Mann sat in the glow of his computer screen before his trembling fingers sprang to life and pecked out this chef d'oeuvre: "I... *hate*... Frasier Crane."

Frasier: [about the crowd gathered to watch him fight] All that's missing is a mariachi band.

Niles: They're just setting up.

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