Mel and Niles

Dr. Melinda "Mel" Karnofsky Crane (Jane Adams) is Maris Crane's plastic surgeon, and for a period, Niles Crane's girlfriend and (briefly) wife. She is fussy, neurotic, and fastidious, much like Niles. It is heavily implied in her first appearance that she is much older than she appears, probably due to her profession. Mel also has one son, and it is specifically stated she is divorced. It is hinted at that she had her son at a very young age. After Niles runs off with Daphne on the day of her intended wedding to Donny, Mel is humiliated and bitter. She pays Niles back by refusing to grant an immediate divorce; instead, she forces Niles to play along that the two remain happily married, assuring him that after he has done this on several select social occasions she will file for divorce. It quickly becomes apparent that she is deliberately prolonging the process while ensuring the maximum public humiliation for Niles. At a social event held by Frasier, Mel finally pushes Niles to the limit; Niles publicly disowns "this sham of a marriage", and the two are quickly divorced. Mel is humiliated and does not appear again in the series after this.