PDVD 016-1
Noel Shempsky (Patrick Kerr) is a painfully geeky Trekkie who keeps an autographed picture of William Shatner as Captain Kirk on his desk and is fluent in Klingon. His station nickname is "Noel the Mole". He is also good friends with Bill Gates, offering a Vulcan salute to Gates when he appears on Frasier's show ("The Two Hundredth Episode".) Noel is such an avid Star Trek fan that William Shatner has a restraining order against him.

He works in sales at KACL and drives a '73 Dodge Polaris. From early in the series he is in love with Roz Doyle, who does not feel the same way about him (Roz was even willing to date a lesbian instead of him once). In the episode entitled 'Star Mitzvah' it is revealed that Shempsky is Jewish, and is fluent in Hebrew.

His claim to fame, as seen when he volunteers to be the station representative during contract negotiations, is that he can faint at will. It has also been mentioned in the episode "A New Position for Roz" that Noel has never missed a day of work. He was even retained by KACL when it changed formats to Salsa radio and fired most of the talk radio personnel, due to his mastery of Spanish and his never ever having a sick day. Noel shows attraction to Roz throughout the series leading to often embarrassing attempts to impress her. In the final episode, he finally kisses her after she becomes the station manager.