Poppy (Katie Finneran) was introduced in season 7. She was originally an intern at KACL, and annoyed everyone with her manner, and she only has the job as her mother is the station owner. When Niles gets a job as an arts critic, Frasier is consumed by jealousy and subtly hints to Poppy, after Kenny had already said no, that she ask her mother to create an arts critique show. Poppy does this, however she doesn't realize that Frasier was also intending to host the show and instead presents it herself. In the episode Rivals, Poppy returns and meets Niles around whom she is attracted and the two end up setting up a date to an upcoming ball. However, due to a series of misunderstandings, Niles believes that Frasier is attracted to Poppy (while Frasier believes the same regarding Niles and his own date to the ball) and their resulting argument ends up scaring Poppy away.