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Welcome to The Frasier wiki!Edit

This is the wiki devoted to the awesome comedy, Frasier! The Radio phyciatrist makes a living
Frasier cast

The cast: Kelsey Grammer (Frasier),Peri Gilpin (Roz, Top Left), David Hyde Peirce (Niles, Next one down from Roz), Jane Leeves (Daphnie, Above Martin), John Mahoney (Martin, bottom) and Moose (Eddie, The Dog,Far bottom)

by helping people with his phyciatry experties but in his own life, he has to deal with all sorts of things that are pushed in his way, like his dad, Martin, has just been fierd from being a police officier for being shot in the leg in a robbery and needs to move him with with his mischevious dog, Eddie and Frasier needs to hire his physiotherapist therapist, Daphne who lives with them and comes from Manchester who is close friends with Frasier's radio show producer Roz and Daphne is loved and admired by Frasiers brother Niles who is also a physiatrist working in private practice and hs just gotten out of a divorce from his wealthy, dominating wife Maris and who is kind of like Frasiers ex wife Lilith who lives in Boston with Frasiers son Freddie.

Crane family membersEdit

  • Frasier Crane~Radio Psychiatrist
  • Niles Crane~ Psychiatrist (Private Practice)
  • Roz Doyle~Frasiers radio producer
  • Daphne Moon~ physiotherapist for Martin
  • Martin Crane~Security guard (ex cop)
  • Eddie Crane~ Dog

Admins and BeurocratsEdit

  • ilovesibuna~Founder